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The Beauty of Amsterdam…

The Beauty of Amsterdam

A lot of people think Amsterdam is just the place where weed is allowed to be smoked, wherever and whenever. When I went to Amsterdam, I was not expecting what I saw. The lush green treeโ€™s that caress that side of the ongoing canals.

You see all the little buildings fitting into each other, as if it were a puzzle, putting the town together. The rows of bicycles, completely take ruins over the cars. The hustle and bustle of people, up and down the tidy alley ways, that form the live streets of this amazing town.

This Place called Amsterdam is like no other.

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Obscurely Abstract

Warning: The next to photo might weird you out a little. These two pictures were taken in Rome, by Caesars Palace, at the same time; straight after each other. I, myself, could not believe my eyes!

Take a look and leave a comment telling me what you think?

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Misty Valley

To get this started, I should tell you that I have one of the best views in Fish Hoek, in my opinion. I live in a flat on the mountain with views of both oceans – on either side. It was on a Saturday morning that I looked out from my balcony and saw the valley below me filled with mist and I couldn’t see a thing. It looked so magical that I just had to get a few shots. As the sun started coming up, everything looked so beauitful, especially the glare reflecting off the mist as the sun rose from behind the mountain.

I think I will stop typing now, and you can see for yourself!


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First and Foremost

A Good Morning to you all,

I’m sitting here in my office and, of course, it being a Monday, I’m not exactly inspired to work. This blog is mainly about my photography. Pictures I have taken on my travels and, I guess, somewhat relative stories that coincide with the pictures.

I recently did a photographic-course weekend, which was enjoyable. I took full advantage of the knowledge, and information that was taught. I must admit that it’s winter here in South Africa at the moment, so it was quite hard to get a decent shot because of the wind and rain. Even though the weather was miserable, I still went and did my field practice, and came out at the end of the weekend with some really great shots! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment.

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