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The Times That Stood Out…

In this Photo, I was doing any tourist would do, I was posing. In front of me was the famous Edvard Grieg statue, so of course me standing on top of the block I was acting like a statue. Except my mother, was making me laugh the whole time with making a  impersonation of him.

That’s when this happened… This lady came up to and asked me if she could ask me a few questions. So I was a bit taken aback, thought it was a little strange. She told us that she was with the Bergen newspaper, she wanted to do a piece, about tourists and what they think about the country, and if we were liking it in Norway. We answered all her questions as much as possible, and we asked her to send us a copy of the article… Still havent recieved anything, starting to wonder?

 What you see before you, is made entirely out of ice! I was shocked when  I first saw it. Its massive, it must have taken them, quite some time  to build it. You can trust in me though, when I say it was cold enough for it not to melt any time soon! -18 wasn’t a joke!

Now If you reading this and you come from South Africa, I think you know already, why I’m putting this up… Lets just say in SA, we see this quite often, in certain areas, that is! I was just so glad, that it’s not only in SA, that people have the need to steal bike tyres.  We went to the dog sledding at 4 O’clock, if I can remember correctly. I tried to steal this puppy, i was wearing enough clothing for them to think that it was not a puppy being taken, ha! Its got to be the cutest little puppy, I have ever laid eyes on. My friend Byron, was most upset when he found out that I was unable to steal one for him!These dogs turn out to be a special breed of husky, they aren’t pure husky, they breed with the fast racing dogs called, Greyhounds. This way they have the intelligence and the beauty of a husky, and the speed and determination of the Greyhound.

Lastly, the Mother of all crabs… ( King Crab)

Take a look at this link, to see a video of me attempting to snowboard 🙂

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To the North and back South

I was Currently in Norway about 3 weeks ago. if you havent been there, its a MUST! We went to oslo first, then off to bergen, catch the polaryls (Hurtigruten) for 7 days.
While on the boat we stopped at different places along the magnificent fjords to do excursions, for example; viking feast, snowboarding, dog sledding ect…

This Picture Below is Viking Wine, Otherwise known as Mead. The taste wasn’t as bad as I thought it to be.

There is far to much for me to type, I will leave with the pictures and they can tell you the stories of my amazing holiday.

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There will be a second Post about this holiday, with one or two stories I would like to share with you.

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Fun in Summer time

Capturing fun in the summer sun ,children’s smile’s and a waterside. Lovely picnic in Constantia forest.

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The awesome sport of Surfing

I took these next photo’s at kommetjie beach, during the Junior SA Champs.


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The Beauty of Amsterdam…

The Beauty of Amsterdam

A lot of people think Amsterdam is just the place where weed is allowed to be smoked, wherever and whenever. When I went to Amsterdam, I was not expecting what I saw. The lush green tree’s that caress that side of the ongoing canals.

You see all the little buildings fitting into each other, as if it were a puzzle, putting the town together. The rows of bicycles, completely take ruins over the cars. The hustle and bustle of people, up and down the tidy alley ways, that form the live streets of this amazing town.

This Place called Amsterdam is like no other.

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Obscurely Abstract

Warning: The next to photo might weird you out a little. These two pictures were taken in Rome, by Caesars Palace, at the same time; straight after each other. I, myself, could not believe my eyes!

Take a look and leave a comment telling me what you think?

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Misty Valley

To get this started, I should tell you that I have one of the best views in Fish Hoek, in my opinion. I live in a flat on the mountain with views of both oceans – on either side. It was on a Saturday morning that I looked out from my balcony and saw the valley below me filled with mist and I couldn’t see a thing. It looked so magical that I just had to get a few shots. As the sun started coming up, everything looked so beauitful, especially the glare reflecting off the mist as the sun rose from behind the mountain.

I think I will stop typing now, and you can see for yourself!


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